Our Lineman

Richard Roberts

During football season, I enjoy watching an occasional football game on television. I especially remember a Super Bowl game I was watching when the San Francisco 49ers pretty well man-handled their opponents. People everywhere were talking about Joe Montana, the quarterback for the 49ers, saying what a powerful player he was.

I noticed something about Joe Montana as I watched that Super Bowl game. First of all, I noticed he knew what to do with the football. But I also noticed that he was a pretty small guy, at least in comparison to the other players on the field. In fact, except when the kickers were out there, Joe Montana was probably one of the smallest men on the field! Then I looked at the lineman for the 49ers…talk about power!

Those guards… those tackles… that center—now those were big men! They put up a “curtain” wall in front of their opponents that couldn’t be drawn back. They were like a giant wedge moving downfield every time the 49ers got the ball. To a great extent, Joe Montana was able to play outstanding football because he had hooked himself up to a powerful line.

As believers, when we put our faith into motion, I believe God dispatches His angels to push back the forces of the enemy and to cut through the devil’s line so that we may score a victory for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the devil tries to strike a blow against us, God sends His angels to “Hold that line!”

We may feel like the smallest man or woman on life’s playing field at times. But with God and the host of heaven on our side, nothing—absolutely nothing— can defeat us!

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