Lindsay Roberts

A few years ago, I gathered a bushel-full of cucumbers I’d planted in my garden, but they were not very impressive. They were overripe and all tangled up with overgrown vines. I asked my mom to cut one open, but she said, “No these cucumbers are not good.” We couldn’t even eat them.

I could have picked the cucumbers when they were ready, but I procrastinated. I said, “It’s hot; I’ll wait a little while.” Then the rains came, and I said, “When the ground dried up, I’ll go out and pick them.” But by the time I finally went to the garden, the weeds had grown up and my cucumber crop was ruined.

Then it hit me! God multiplied my seed and gave me a beautiful harvest, but I failed to receive it because I didn’t go out and bring in the harvest when it was ripe! I missed the harvest season!

Similarly, we can miss our harvest from the seeds of faith we have planned if we’re not looking for it and expecting it. Many people say, “I give, but I don’t expect anything back from God.” The Bible says, God … gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:7 NKJV). He causes the seeds we plant to grow. Our part is to watch for the harvest season and reach out and receive the increase when it comes. Like a gardener, we can reap the rewards and blessings of our labor and our investment in God’s work if we live in expectancy and gather up the harvest.