Praise Brings God’s Presence

Richard Roberts

Are you aware that when you praise Jesus, that’s when God shows up?

The Bible tells us that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people (see Psalm 22:3.) To inhabit means to “dwell within” and “move not.”  In other words, when we begin to praise the Lord and to lift high the name of Jesus, that’s when God sits down in our midst and dwells with us.

Wherever God sits in residence, that’s where you are going to find His Holy Spirit. That’s where the angels are going to be. That’s where the miracles and signs and wonders are going to be manifested. That’s when the glory of God is going to fall.

Show me a person … a group of people … a church that truly praises and worships the Lord, and I’ll show you a person … a group of people … a church that is on fire with God’s holy anointing.

Do you want to feel God today?

Do you want to experience more of His presence?

Do you want to know more of His power in your life?

Then begin to praise the Lord. Raise your hands. Glorify the Name that is above every name named in Heaven and earth! As you lift up to God your praise and worship, that is when God will reside, inhabit, and move in. And with Him comes all of His mighty, saving, healing, delivering power.

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