Put on Your Armor and Go to Battle

Lindsay RobertsSecond of two parts

We have allowed the devil to push us a little bit, and then we’ve allowed him to push us a little more. We think we’re supposed to be humble, take it, just walk away, and shut our mouth. In some situations, God may tell you to do that.

But then it gets to the point where the devil is stealing your anointing, stealing your church, stealing your children, and stealing this generation. When I saw my little girl that particular day, I saw her with spiritual eyes. She looked like a giant. She made the other little girl back away. Something in my spirit-man rose up and said, “Lindsay, it’s time to start telling the devil, “You wanna bet?” When the devil tells you he is going to take your family from you, stand up, point your finger, and say, “Devil, in the name of God, you wanna bet?”

The Bible says, “…surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” (Psalm 23:6). The devil can back you up only so far until he pushes you right into God’s goodness and mercy. There comes a time when we have to rise up in our spirit and say, “You wanna bet?”

Think of the worst situation the devil has thrown at you, the absolutely, positively worst thing he has done to you, your family, your finances, your marriage, your home…anything. When the devil tells you to your face, “You’re going under,” I want you to say out loud to him, “Devil, you wanna bet?” Begin to take authority in Jesus’ name. Say, “In Jesus’ name, I’m not afraid! I’m not running!”

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