Richard Roberts

Do you ever feel that you are disconnected? I remember one time when I was working with an appliance, trying to get it to work. I kept flipping all the switches, and then my wife asked, “Did you plug it in?”

I hadn’t looked. I had just assumed that it was plugged in! Obviously, I’m not a mechanical genius.

Many people are disconnected in their lives, and they are trying to find the connection. Many have tried to make a connection through many different ways and directions. But, I want to talk about connecting yourself to God.

I’ve heard people say it does not matter to whom you pray. Or, in other words, it doesn’t matter to whom you connect. But, I believe there is only one miraculous way to reach out, and that is to God!

I am reminded of the Bible story of a young man who came to his father and said, “Give me my inheritance.” The young man took his inheritance and went to a far country. He spent his money on riotous living until he was completely without funds and had to beg for a job feeding pigs.

Finally, he came to himself and said, “I have made a bad connection and I will reconnect with my Heavenly Father.”

There are many places we can connect. Some may be good and some, maybe not so good. But I believe the most important place we can connect is not just a good place, but a God place. When we connect with God, we can walk into miracles, signs and wonders, and walk according to His good plan and purpose for our lives.