From the archives of Oral Roberts

We can learn a lot about the power of not giving up from studying the Old Testament. For example, in I Kings 18:42˗44 AMP, we find the prophet Elijah on the top of Mount Carmel, praying for rain. There had been a terrible drought in the land for 3 1/2 years, and Elijah knew that it would take a great rain to alter the suffering and affliction that had come upon the land because of it.

After praying for a while, Elijah told his servants, Go up now, look toward the sea (v.43). The servant went up, looked around, and reported back to Elijah that he saw nothing. Continuing to pray, Elijah told him, “Go again.” The prophet sent his servant back not once, not twice, but seven times! Elijah’s persistence paid off. The seventh time, the servant reported, A cloud as small as a man’s hand is arising out of the sea (v.44). And the next verse says, In a little while, the heavens were black with windswept clouds, and there was a great rain.

Many times in our lives we go through droughts of one kind or another. Perhaps we’re hurting for a financial breakthrough, a healing, or a restored relationship. We’ve prayed about it, but the report is the same – “I see nothing; there’s no change.”

         Let Elijah’s refusal to give up encourage you to do the same. The Word of the Lord says, “Go again, and again, and again.” In spite of what the circumstances may look like, hold on in faith and keep believing until you get the breakthrough you’re looking for.