Replace Striving with Giving

Richard Roberts

Time and again, Lindsay and I have found that stress, in our lives and in the lives of those who write to us, is linked to a spirit of striving. We are working so hard to do it all that we wear out and become stressed out.

The way we have found to reverse that stress cycle is to check our giving and then to look for places in which we can sow extra seeds of faith to “double up” our giving.

We know that as we give, God is going to multiply that which we give back to us in the way that we need it most. Sometimes that’s in the form of money. Sometimes it’s in time. Sometimes it’s in peace of mind. Sometimes it’s in physical strength and healing.

When we give, it releases us from the burden of “striving to get” or “striving to do it in our own strength.” We know when we give freely and with a generous spirit that we are in the Bible-proven position for RECEIVING what GOD is going to GIVE us. Nothing can stop that flow of God toward us. It’s His promise. It’s His principle from cover to cover in His Word. And therefore, we can relax and expect our miracle.

That does not mean we stop working hard or stop doing our best. It doesn’t mean we stop praying or reading the Bible. It does mean that we stop striving and start giving ― which puts us in a position of activating our faith in God to take care of ALL our needs.

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