Lindsay Roberts

Setting your faith in motion before you need a miracle is like practicing preventive medicine in the spiritual realm. It establishes things with God ahead of time.

That’s what I did in my mid-twenties when, after having had two miscarriages, I came face-to-face with reality that I might have cancer. I was experiencing excruciating pain in my side, and the doctor discovered that I had a cyst on one of my ovaries, very similar to the cyst my mother had had on hers. In my mother’s case, the cyst turned out to be cancer. And although she recovered, she had to have a hysterectomy. If all speculation was correct, I would also require a hysterectomy, and all of my chances for having children would vanish.

But something inside me kept saying, “It’s all right. I’m a miracle.” Even as I was being wheeled down the hall to surgery, I was saying, “It’s all right. I’m a miracle.” What was I doing? I was establishing in my heart and in my mouth that I was expecting a miracle before any miracle took place. I knew that things would go according to God’s will, His plan, and His Word.

And they did. Surgery lasted only about fifteen minutes. In that short time, the mighty hand of God touched me, and a great miracle occurred—the very miracle I was expecting! The cyst that was there earlier was completely gone! In fact, there was no evidence that it had ever existed!

In Mark 5:36 Jesus told a father who sought healing for his daughter, Be not afraid, only believe. That’s the incredible thing about our God. If you hang in there and believe for a miracle—that is, if you don’t give up on your faith or the Word—you can pave the way for God to give you a miracle!