Lindsay Roberts

A dear friend of mine sent me a pair of shoes with just the right heel height for me, and they quickly became my favorite pair. I’d had a little wart-like growth on the bottom of my foot for years, but it had never bothered me until I tried to wear those particular shoes. When I put them on, they rubbed the growth and caused incredible pain. I had a choice to make—ditch the shoes or believe God to heal that little wart on my foot.

One night on THE PLACE FOR MIRACLES Richard was talking about tumors, growths, and warts. I happened to have those particular shoes on that night. I thought to myself, My foot problem has got to be in one of those categories. If people can get healed of warts and growths, why am I putting up with mine and tolerating it, even if it is small?

It’s funny how some of us think the miracle we need is too small for God to bother with. I told myself that kind of thinking was ridiculous. Then I prayed, “Lord, will You please heal my wart?” That was the extent of it until I put the shoes on a few days later. I automatically thought my foot was going to hurt, but when I put the shoes on, I realized the wart was gone!

If Satan is attacking you over and over, no matter how small the problem is, don’t tolerate it one more minute. Say, “No! In Jesus’ Name, I draw the line. This is it. No more!” I did that with my wart. It disappeared because I finally was able to have faith for something little. Romans 12:3 says that God has dealt to each of us a measure of faith. You have all the faith required for the miracle you need, big or small!