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Sowing Seed

Lindsay Roberts

We don’t sow our seeds of faith according to the economy of our nation or according to what happens on Wall Street.

We don’t sow our seed according to what kind of tax deduction we’ll get. We don’t sow our seed according to how much money we have in our bank accounts.

We don’t sow our seed according to whether we get a special bonus check.

We don’t sow our seed according to interest rates or the rate of inflation.


We sow our seed according to the Word of God and because God tells us to sow.

We sow our seed because the seed comes from God in the first place and it really is HIS seed. We sow our seed because that’s the way God set it up so He can meet our needs. (See Malachi 3:9-10 and Luke 6:38.)

We sow our seed because we need to receive from God.

Do you have a need today? Do you want to follow God’s way for getting that need met? Then sow…sow of whatever you have in your hands to give…time, talent, or resources…but sow it in faith. God can take whatever you give and multiply it back to you in the very form of the miracle you need most for your life!

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Picture of Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts, B.A., M.A., D.Min., is the Chairman and CEO of Richard Roberts Ministries and has dedicated his life to ministering the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ around the world.

His services are marked with supernatural miracles and healings and by a tremendous move of the Spirit. Today, Richard focuses on his Greater Works international pastors conferences where he teaches and trains pastors in underdeveloped nations to take the full gospel with miracles, healing and signs following to their villages, cities, and nations, as Jesus said in John 14:12.