Lindsay Roberts

My father was a very successful car dealer in Michigan, and before that, his family had other businesses as well. In business, my father’s family made it a policy to start every new day by giving something to their first customer. Whoever came in to do business first that day was always given something.

His family felt that if they started their day by giving, they would be prosperous in business. Now they weren’t all godly people, and they weren’t doing it because it was a godly, Bible-based principle. To them, it was just a smart business principle and a good way to prosper. And it worked! They were very successful.

How many of us, as Christians, when we think about giving, always think about giving first or giving off the top… giving our best, rather than just giving our leftovers?

Well, I’ve discovered that when we give, God wants us to start with our best… to give off the top. And that doesn’t mean giving away your children’s worst clothing and broken toys, or the cake that you accidentally ruined and decided to give to a neighbor.

God wants us to start with our best… to start with giving, rather than with deciding what we’re going to keep for ourselves. And when we do that ― in our business or in our home ― He’ll open us windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing where we won’t have enough room to contain it!