Richard RobertsSecond of three parts

Notice in the story of blind Bartimaeus that he cast off his beggar’s robe before he received his miracle (See Mark 10:50). In those days a beggar wore a garment that represented his station in life. It was a beggar’s robe, and it symbolized everything that was wrong in his life. When Bartimaeus took off his beggar’s robe, he was saying, “I’m casting off my old life. I’m wiping the slate clean.”

When you’re asking God for a miracle, it’s important for you to cast off your “beggar’s robe.” Your old way of thinking can keep you from receiving what you need from God. When Bartimaeus cast off his Beggar’s robe—his past life—Jesus opened his blind eyes. He received his heart’s desire!

Let Bartimaeus’ act of faith encourage you to cast off anything that’s holding you back from rising up and going after the miracle that Jesus has for you today!