Lindsay RobertsThird of four parts

An interesting thing is that Jesus used the same words, “Remember Me,” when He broke bread with His disciples at the last supper. The night before Jesus was crucified, He had called them together in an upper room and said, “We‘re going to break bread.” He was the Bread of Life, and He knew that this was symbolic of what was going to happen to Him in a matter of hours. His body was going to be broken for the remission of our sins. The disciples didn’t know that, but He knew it.

Isaiah 52:14˗15 had prophesied that Jesus would be marred or beaten so badly that it would be hard for people even to recognize Him, that He would be beaten almost beyond recognition. And the spear that would be driven into His side would let the blood out of His body.

Think of the two elements of Holy Communion — the wine and the bread. Jesus symbolically broke bread the night before His death to show what was going to happen to His body. And the cup symbolized His blood that was going to be shed. Leviticus 17:11 says that the life is in the blood. Jesus knew that all the blood was going to go out of His body.

He was saying, “Look at these two things. Look at the wine here in this cup as a representation of the blood that I’m going to shed for you. Look at the bread, which represents My body that is going to be broken for you. I’ll break it tonight symbolically to show you. When you take this cup and this bread in Holy Communion, do it in remembrance of Me.” (See Luke 22:19.)