From the archives of Oral Roberts

Before men knew God, His divine purposes were shrouded with mystery. But God has revealed Himself to man in the person of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, as He lived the life of a man among men.

Jesus Christ’s ministry was a ministry of revelation, for He came to reveal God, who God was, what God was. He acted like God. He made decisions like God. He spoke like God. He was God. He is God.

He was God when He healed the sick. He was God when He raised the dead. He was God when He walked on the waters of the stormy sea. He was God when He spoke peace to troubled hearts. But the greatest revelation that Christ ever gave to man about God was in the closing moments of His life.

Since the dawn of time, the most important questions have been, “Does life continue after death? Is there another life? Is there another realm that God has prepared where man will continue to exist when his journey is finished upon earth?”

We did not know. We could only conjecture and surmise. But on that first Easter morning all questions were answered. Jesus stepped out of the tomb and gave the most thrilling announcement that mortal man has ever heard. “I am alive!” He shouted, “Now and forevermore! And because I live, you shall live also.” (See John 14:19)

At that moment, God’s plan became crystal clear. The veil between God and man was ripped asunder, and the dread of the future was cancelled. The unknown tomorrow became the promise of a new life when Jesus Christ broke the bands of death and rose triumphantly from the grave!