Lindsay Roberts

One time, while Richard and I were doing a television program, a call came in to the Abundant Life Prayer Group and a woman shared a testimony that, to me, is a perfect example of God rebuking the devourer―or, the seed eater―in our lives.

Actually, the story began when this woman called the Abundant Life Prayer Group 11 days earlier. Her purse had been stolen from her and she called for prayer that the devourer would be rebuked and that her purse would be returned to her.

Now, she was calling with a praise report! A stranger had just knocked on her door and said, “Ma’am, here’s your purse.” She said, “Oh, thank you! Where did you find it?” He said, “I didn’t find it. I’m the one who took it.”

She said, “Why are you bringing it back to me?” He said, “I don’t understand it, but every time I tried to take the money or the credit card out of your purse, something held me back and I couldn’t take anything. So I decided to bring your purse back to you personally and to say I’m sorry for taking it. Here it is!”

This woman told the man about calling for prayer and she then went on to tell him about Jesus Christ. Not only was her purse returned, but she had a blessing poured out from Heaven in being able to tell someone about Jesus!

God is faithful to His Word (Malachi 3:10–11)! You can trust Him today to do what He said He would do ― rebuke the seed eater in your life!