Lindsay Roberts

One of the most wonderful things about communicating with God is that we have His still, small voice inside us, guiding us. But sometimes it is hard to recognize His voice speaking in our hearts. How can we know if that inner voice we hear is God’s?

First of all, when God speaks, you feel as if it’s your best friend talking, even if it’s a word of correction. If what you’re hearing sounds like your worst enemy, then it’s not from God. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m hearing ­for me or against me?” Even if it’s not what you want to hear, in the overall view of things, is it best for you? If it’s for you, it’s from God. Romans 8:31 says, If God be for us, who can be against us? If it’s against you, it’s not the Lord speaking.

I also like to test it this way. If the voice is positive, good, and in line with the will and Word of God, it’s from God. Even if it’s telling you something unusual or new, if it’s from God, it will be a good thing to bring about a good result because He’s a good God. On the other hand, if the voice you hear is negative and contrary to the Word of God, it’s from the devil.

Satan also knows the Word. He quoted Scripture when he tempted Jesus in Matthew 4. But he was manipulating the Word of God to bring ultimate benefit to himself. Always examine who is using the Word and why—for whose benefit—and then watch for the results.

Another good test is: Are you at peace with what you hear? Does it produce a spirit of peace or a spirit of confusion? God’s voice brings peace.

Finally, stay in communication with God through praying in the Spirit and you’ll become more familiar with His voice each day.