From the archives of Oral Roberts

I want you to try and visualize the four lepers who sat at the gate of the city of Samaria after Syria had besieged the city. (See II Kings 6:24,25; 7:3-9.) They knew if they entered the city where the famine was, they would die. They also knew if they remained sitting by the gate, they would die. Theirs is a message to anyone today who is hemmed in on every side by sickness, fear, defeat, or poverty. The message is: There is deliverance through faith in God.

Picture these men and consider their situation in the light of your needs. They were limited in number, they were ill with leprosy, and they were near the point of starvation. But they finally concluded that something could be done about their situation, so they asked themselves, “Why sit we here until we die?”

What did they do? They decided to leave their familiar surroundings and rise up and make a march of faith!

They were hungry, but they marched on!

They were sick, but they marched on!

They were dying, but they marched on!

Pain tortured them, but they marched on!

Danger and death stalked them, but they marched on!

Every step was agony, but they marched on!

First, they faced their situation and felt a stirring of faith. Second, they rose up from where they sat and left a familiar place. Third, they started out by faith and made a march of faith.

No matter what problems you are facing today, I pray that you will do what the four lepers did. Stop trying to hang on to the old familiar things in your life, and ask God to give you the strength to rise up from where you sit and make your own march of faith!