Richard RobertsThird of three parts

There once was a great preacher who had really known the Lord Jesus, had drawn great crowds, and had led many sinners to the Lord. Then something happened that can happen to all preachers. (You know, preachers are human and they’re capable of failing and disappointing people like anybody else.)

Over the weeks the anointing began to leave this great preacher and the crowds began to go away. One Sunday morning a note was laid on his pulpit and it read, “Dear Pastor, we would see Jesus,” and like an arrow, it struck his heart.

He hurried through the sermon and said to his wife and children, “You go on home. I’m going to remain at the church this afternoon.” He got on his knees in his study and asked, “Lord, is it true that people don’t see Jesus in my life and in my sermons any longer?”

He knew the answer. And so he began to read his Bible all over again like it was a new book, searching for Jesus, trying to discover how he had failed… where he had let down and the mistakes he had made.

Over the weeks, he began preaching more about Jesus, confessing to the people that he was just a man, saying, “Don’t get your eyes on me; get them on the Lord.”

Then as the weeks passed, once again the crowds came and packed out the building, souls were saved, and miracles began to happen. One day there was a note on his pulpit that said, “Dear Pastor, then were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord.”

In this midnight hour, when all the stars seem to have gone on vacation and all across America people are wondering if they are ever going to be able to trust anybody again, I believe that a new light is about to shine, and the ability for us to see Jesus is about to be restored.

And when we see Jesus, our hearts are going to be glad!