“Tie a Knot and Hang On!”

From the archives of Oral Roberts

Psychologists say that depression is a common emotional problem. What is it? In short, it is getting down emotionally till you reach a point where you can’t get up. It is a signal that something is wrong. Most of the depression that you and I suffer is only temporary. The Bible says in 1 Peter 1:6 PHILLIPS, “At present you are TEMPORARILY harassed by all kinds of trials.”

Depression often comes to us when we have gone through a traumatic experience that sends us reeling, or it comes when we are overloaded with work and stress. Whatever its cause, it is an emotion, a feeling, and feelings are not always a true reflection of how things really are. Also, feelings change. What seems impossible today may not seem so bad after a good night’s sleep.

But I believe there is something you can do the next time you feel depressed. Remember that God cares very much about how you feel, and He wants to help you. Ask Him to reveal to you what is causing the depression. When you’ve identified the problem, open up and share your problem with a trusted friend or someone you know who can pray a prayer of faith for you.

Once you have received the prayer, expect God to do exactly what you’ve asked Him to do…bring you out of that depression and back into the mainstream of life. Get a faith-image in your mind of the depression lifting, like a fog dissipating. The depression may not disappear overnight, but God is faithful and He can finish what He has begun in you. Now, “tie a knot and hang on.” Trust God to bring joy back into your life. He can do it! Remember His beautiful promise in Psalm 30:5: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

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