From the archives of Oral Roberts

When God formed man’s body and breathed into it the breath of life, God wanted him to be a complete man. God made man so that he was able to walk and talk with God in togetherness. An example of this type of togetherness is the marriage relationship.

Marriage under God is based upon the togetherness that God and man once shared together. Man and woman were to share this same kind of togetherness. God made them male and female so that a man and woman would leave their parents and become one. They would cling and cleave unto each other (Matthew 19:4-6). In the unity of marriage they would be able to bring forth children; they would multiply and replenish the earth. The home that was Eden would be multiplied forever, and man would live in that same kind of harmony and unity…in togetherness with each other and in togetherness with God.

When you are together, you are relaxed and at home. There is a perfect naturalness about it. When you sit down with your family, you drop any artificial front you might have had during the day, and you can be yourself. You can laugh if you want to laugh. You can talk if you want to talk. You can be quiet if you want to be quiet. You are together.

Now, can you conceive of this same togetherness existing between God and man? Well, that’s the way God made us…so that our spirit, our mind, and our body would be in such perfect unity with Him that we would be as one. If you’re missing that kind of personal romantic relationship with the God who created you, turn your life over to Jesus Christ. Ask Him to come into your heart and teach you what true togetherness is all about.