Lindsay Roberts

One time, when I was in the grocery store, I saw a woman who looked familiar. I looked at her… then I looked again. I stared at her, and thought, I’m being so rude, but I know that woman.

It was a lady who had attended one of our women’s conferences that we used to host. At that time, she weighed about 85 pounds. She was close to death, suffering with ovarian cancer. The doctors had given her no hope. They had done all they could medically and had sent her home to die. Instead of going home, she came to one of our conferences for prayer.

When I saw her in the grocery store, she was totally healed! She weighed about 120 pounds, and her hair was as full as could be. I looked at this woman and thought, I can’t believe this!

She told me God had touched and healed her at that conference. And I thought “Thank God that women are understanding that they can have miracles!”

Occasionally, we ladies just need to tune out everything else and get away from any outside source that can possibly dash our faith, or tell us “we can’t” or “we won’t.” Sometimes, too, it’s good to just laugh and tell things that are funny or perhaps sacred… or share things about ourselves that are not so funny or sacred, and get to a place where we just let our hair down.

There are some emotions that only women go through. Sometimes, to be healed, it takes a group of women being ministered to by other women, getting together and saying, “I’ve been there, honey. Don’t worry about it. We’re going to pray and expect God to work miracles!” And He does!