Richard Roberts

I once heard about a military jet pilot who taxied his supersonic aircraft into takeoff position on a runway only to have the tower controllers say, “I’m sorry, we can’t give you permission to take off right now. There’s too much traffic in the pattern.”

After a long pause, the pilot, knowing that his aircraft was wasting hundreds of pounds of fuel idling on that runway, asked the tower, “Would it be possible for me to take off within the confines of the runway?” After another pause, the FFA controller responded, “Yes, within the confines of the runway you may take off.”

Aircraft were circling the airport in preparation for landing. This pilot, however, intended to take off so his aircraft would rise quickly in the open space directly above the airport, staying completely out of the way of the other planes.

The pilot began to move his plane down the runway and when he got about half way, he got to air speed, pointed the nose of his aircraft almost straight up in the air, cut in his afterburners, and poured on the power. That jet rose almost straight up into the sky, quickly soaring high above all the other aircraft in the area!

Friend, that’s what a burst of faith can do in your spirit!

Are you having difficulty today believing God to help you find the way through a problem or circumstance that is hemming you in? Ask God to turn on the afterburners of your faith. Ask Him to release His power into your life to help your faith soar heavenward!