Richard Roberts

I will now turn aside, and see this great sight. – Exodus 3:3

At a crucial time in my life, when I needed a second chance from God, God gave me that chance. But the important thing is what I did with my second chance. That was when God called me into the healing ministry. When you turn your life over to God, He not only gives you another chance, He begins to use you in a mighty way.

Moses was given a second chance in life. He was on the backside of a blistering desert and he saw a bush that was burning but was not consumed. Notice what he said in Exodus 3:3, “I will turn and see this great sight.”

“I will turn.” That is an important decision… “I will turn away from my past. I will turn from the things that have held me down. I will turn away from that which caused me to go away from God, and I will turn toward God’s miracle-working power.”

When I turned toward God, I decided I would never turn back toward the devil. Now you can make a decision to turn toward God … to believe the Word of God instead of what the world says. God can use you and bring miracles into your life when you turn your life to Him.