Lindsay Roberts

I love music, and I’ve always loved to sing. But anyone who has ever heard me sing knows that I am not a singer. Even my children know that their mother can’t sing.

Years ago, when Jordan was having a nightmare one night, I went into her room. I thought, poor little thing…if I can just do something that’s familiar, it will soothe her. I held her and began to softly sing, “Yes, Jesus loves me.”

Jordan stopped screaming, looked straight at me, and said, “Oh, Mother, please don’t sing!”

I thought, well, if Jordan doesn’t appreciate my singing, Olivia will. Later, as I held Olivia in my arms and began singing to her, she looked up at me with a sad little face and said, “Poor Mommy, don’t cry!”

God has given each one of us our own unique talents in areas where we can really excel and let our light shine. I may not be much of a singer, but I can rock a baby to sleep faster than just about anybody I know. And that’s something I’m proud of. God gave me that talent, and I use it with joy.

Don’t disdain the talents that God has given you. Like the wise servant in Jesus’ parable who invested the talents his master gave him and received even more, look for ways and opportunities in which to use your God-given talents…whatever they are.