From the archives of Oral Roberts

Every time I encounter a bumblebee, I think of how scientists say it’s a scientific impossibility for a bumblebee to fly. The size of its body is too big and too heavy for the size of its wings. But the fact is, the moment that bumblebee stretches out those little undersized wings, it can fly. It defies all the scientific impossibilities.

We, too, come against impossibilities in our lives. But the Bible says, For with God nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible (Luke 1:37 AMP). In every hopeless-looking situation, there is a defining moment when we can make the choice to take our little undersized faith and turn it toward our oversized God; defying all impossibilities. That is our magic moment.

But magic moments don’t just happen. They happen because of an act of faith. There have been situations in my life when I’ve had a lot of faith. But more often I’ve had to use my “little faith.” However, if I start by taking just that first small step of faith, I find that the closer I get to Jesus, the more confident I become. And as I keep on believing God, He starts moving on my behalf in ways I never expected.

Just as the bumblebee stretches forth its inadequate-looking little wings to the impossible, you can stretch forth your faith―even though it may seem too small to do the job―and open the door for God to do the impossible for you. That’s your magic moment; your time for miracles from God!