Your Physical Miracle

Richard RobertsThird of four parts

It is God’s highest desire that you be made whole ― one hundred percent well in body, mind and spirit. Don’t let anyone ever try to convince you otherwise!

A leper came to Jesus one day and made this statement, “Jesus I know you CAN heal me if you WANT to.” (See Mark 1:40.) This man believed that Jesus COULD heal him. He only had doubt that Jesus WOULD.

Jesus looked at that man’s faith and He saw that the man had enough faith to believe that Jesus COULD and He said, in effect, “That’s good enough. I WILL do it.”

You see, it is the determination, the will, the desire of God to heal every person. He’s looking for two things from us: our statement of faith that we believe He CAN do it, and a petition from us that He WILL do it.

Do you believe today that God CAN heal? Do you believe today that God CAN heal you and make you whole? Declare that openly to God. Ask Him to heal you and to help you believe that He WILL do it!

In Psalm 107:20 we read that “God sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” Grab hold of that verse and make it your own today!

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