Agape Missionary Alliance, Missionary Neil Childs, Niger Assembly of God World Missions, Kenya
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Christian Aid
Christian Broadcasting
Christian TV Network
Danita’s Children, Hope for Haiti Children’s Center
Elim Fellowship
Missionaries Mark and Doreen Babo, Nigeria
First United Methodist Church, Central America Outreach
Global Quest, Sudan
Hope for Haiti
Idahosa World Outreach
John 3:16 Mission
Kids Against Hunger
King Ministries International
Manna Missions Medical Outreach, Ghana
Mel Tari Ministries
Mercy Ministries of America
Navigators, Missionaries Jeff & Iris Ketcham, Senegal
Dream Center
Reach Now International Food Distribution
The Salvation Army
Theovision International, Ghana
Vie Abondante Ministries, Niger
Watchman Broadcasting
Watoto Child Care Ministries, Uganda