Miracle Testimony Written

God Removed My Back Pain

I had been experiencing lower back pain for some time. It started as minor aches and pains that I could not get relief from with over-the-counter medications, and as time went by, the pain got so intense that I needed to support and brace myself to get out of bed or up from a sitting position. I began to think that if it didn’t get any better, I was going to have to see a doctor.

During this time, I had planted a seed of my faith to God through Oral Roberts Ministries. I received a response letter from Richard Roberts and in it, he made the statement, “God does not mask pain. He removes it from your body so your healing will glorify His work.”

After reading his letter, and without realizing that my pain had actually already gone away, I just began saying, “Thank You, Jesus” over and over. When I started to get up from the chair I was sitting in, I was once again going to brace myself, and then I noticed that there was no pain. None! I have not had any more pain since then and no more difficulties getting up from a chair.

I thank the Lord Jesus for this miracle and I also thank Richard, Lindsay, and Oral Roberts Ministries.

Arnold from Louisiana