Point of Contact

Thousands of sermons have been preached telling people to believe and have faith in God. According to Romans 12:3, God has already given us all the faith we need. But if we want to receive what we need from the Lord, we have to release that faith back to God through an act of our believing.

A point of contact provides a way for us to act on our belief, and when we do that, we release our faith to God. What a point of contact does is to set the time and place for your miracle to begin.

A point of contact may be many different things, and you can choose which action you will use as your point of contact. Your point of contact could be the prayer of faith…the laying on of hands…the Holy Communion…a prayer cloth. A point of contact is the method we use to reach God.

In the Bible, people approached God in different ways, but each used a point of contact to send his or her faith to Him. The woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Christ’s garment. The laying on of hands of Christ and the apostles, the wearing of handkerchiefs and aprons from Paul’s body, the shadow of Peter, the staff of Moses, the mantle of Elijah—all were points of contact.

The point of contact is such a simple truth that many people have stumbled over its simplicity. But it is real and you can use it too. You can use your own point of contact to center your believing on God for the particular need that you have. Make it a definite act of faith, then turn your mind toward God for the answer.

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