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Discover Your True Strength

In Lindsay’s new book, Discover Your True Strength: Choosing to Thrive in the Midst of Life’s Challenges, she describes how, through the powerful Word of God, strong women can think and act, listen and speak, respond and thrive!

About the Book...

As Lindsay explains it, life is full of strength-stealers: situations, experiences, or relationships that rob us of our courage and passion, sometimes making us feel like the strength has gone out of us. Often, these strength-stealers are hidden in our regular routine at home or in the workplace.

In Discover Your True Strength, Lindsay shows how you can exchange strength-stealers for strength-builders as she offers words of encouragement, healing, and hope.

“I’ve written Discover Your True Strength to help you on the journey of the rest of your life,” says Roberts. “I hope and pray it will position you for fulfillment and success by helping you realize that, in Christ, you are stronger and more powerful than you may think, [so] you can live each day to the fullest, doing what you love and are called to do. I pray this book will even help you find the courage to do something so powerful that it will not only fulfill you, but it will also bless others—who can then find deep satisfaction and strength for themselves.”

Each chapter includes a summary highlighting key points for the reader, as well a “Notes to Self” section to encourage them to apply those points in their own life and situations.

Lindsay wants all women to know that the strength that comes from God is accessible to them every moment, so that as they come to understand and draw from their true strength, each will see themselves as an amazing, capable, more-than-able-to-do-what-it-takes kind of woman—that they will see themselves as strong enough to do all that God has planned for them to do.

About The Author

LINDSAY ROBERTS is a minister, writer, editor, sought-after speaker, wife, mother, and lifelong student of the Bible. She is the host of the inspirational women’s television program Make Your Day Count and the Entirely Unconventional podcast. Lindsay also cohosts, with her husband, Richard, The Place for Miracles. She is editor and publisher for Oral Roberts Ministries publications, and she is the author of numerous books. Lindsay and her family live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lindsay Roberts

What Others Are Saying

“Some books teach you the principles needed for that moment of “What do I do?” or an encouraging word to keep you moving forward through the toughest of times. Lindsay Roberts, in Discover Your True Strength, not only teaches and encourages but also empowers you with Scripture to obtain the overcomer’s stance of peace and stability to stand firm and strong.”

Joni Lamb

Daystar Television Network

“In her book, Lindsay Roberts takes you on a miraculous journey of faith to help you discover your God-given strengths through His Word that will, in turn, bless and strengthen others. As you take practical steps to fulfill your calling, by choosing courage and joy, and by relying on God’s supernatural inner strength, you will find you are truly stronger that you think to positively impact your world!”

Lisa Osteen Comes

Associate Pastor, Lakewood Church

“In Discover Your True Strength, Lindsay Roberts has created a roadmap for personal transformation and empowerment. As someone who has dedicated her life to helping women break free from limitations and live their dreams, this book is a powerful tool in that journey.   

Each chapter, grounded in faith and biblical wisdom, encourages readers to recognize the incredible strength that resides within them through Christ to rise above every challenge. This isn’t just a self-help book; it’s an invitation to a life of fulfillment, success, and understanding the extraordinary power you possess in Him.

The inclusion of stories of strong women from the Bible, history, and modern-day heroes adds a relatable and inspiring dimension to the book. It’s a testament to the fact that strength and courage are timeless qualities God has places in you. As you embark on the journey outlined in Discover Your True Strength, may you be inspired to embrace new strength, rooted in the Word of God. I believe this book will empower you from the inside out to live a life of impact and success.”

Terri Savelle Foy

Author, The Alone Advantage

“Lindsay’s words are inspiring and full of wisdom, and we highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God and discover their true strength in Him. The possibilities God has for each of us are limitless. Francie and I have enjoyed many prayer calls with Richard and Lindsay, and Discover Your True Strength is a reflection of Lindsay’s heart to help people see that God is love, and He has given each of us a unique strength and calling, and that through Him, we can truly tap into our full potential. This book has been a blessing to us, and we believe it will be a blessing to many others as well.”

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and Francie Chapman

Public figures and speakers

“I’m so happy Lindsay wrote this book. Too often we overcomplicate things like hearing God’s voice and being led by Him, leaving us confused and doubting, instead of moving forward into all that He has for us. In this practical guidebook, Lindsay give us the tools we need to discover our true strength so we can walk in even deeper relationship with Him.”

Real Talk Kim (Kim Jones)

Pastor, mentor, motivational speaker and best-selling author

“If you’re ready to level up your life, you  need to read this book! Lindsay gives practical yet powerful principles that will help you tap into your God-given strength and potential and take you from settling to soaring!”

April Osteen Simons

Hope Coach

“When it comes to helping women overcome obstacles, there are few people who are as experienced and compassionate as Lindsay.… She teaches us that while you are feeling the sting of your setback, God is preparing your comeback.”

Tim Storey

Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

“I’ve known Lindsay for many years and have found her books to be filled with Bible-based, practical teaching, and to me, Discover Your True Strength is following that same pattern. In just the chapter titles alone, it felt like I was navigating a path on a journey to discover true strength that comes from the Lord, identifying strength-stealers, and ultimately finding true strength “in the Lord and in the power of HIS might.”

Kate McVeigh

Kate McVeigh Ministries; speaker and host, The Voice of Faith radio program; author, The Blessing of Favor and Get Over It

Discover Your True Worth

The first book in the Discovery Trilogy, Discover Your True Worth is an encouraging and inspiring read for anyone who has ever prayed, failed, hoped, loved, lost, held on or walked away. Discover Your True Worth can help you discover who you are in Christ and show you your true worth through God’s eyes. Avaliable today for your best gift.