Richard RobertsThird of four parts

The Bible tells us that the boat Jesus and His disciples were in arrived on the other side. I’ve often wondered why this account is in the Bible. Is it because Jesus intended to teach His disciples a lesson about faith? Certainly there is a lesson to be learned. Was He teaching them that when He says we can go over, it means we can’t go under? Was He trying to get His disciples’ attention concerning what kind of power and authority He had and was about to transfer over to them?

All those things were part of the story, but I believe there was another reason that drove Jesus into that ship and across the water of the Sea of Galilee. There was a man on the other side who was possessed by a legion of demons.

When Jesus and His disciples arrived, they met a man who had what the Bible calls “an unclean spirit.” He had left his home. He had left his family. He had left his friends. He had left everything and had become possessed by a legion of demons.

This man was in trouble, but he met One who knew how to overcome trouble. This man was sick, but he met One who was the Great Physician. This man was emotionally disturbed, but he met One who had peace of mind. This man was chained, but he met One who had freedom for him and who could change him from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet.

I want you to imagine this man with matted hair, a fiery look in his eyes, multiple cuts, gashes, and self-inflicted wounds upon his body. Everyone was terrified by this naked man running through the tombs. He had demonic strength that transcended humanity. He was bound by the devil!

Only God can break your chains. Only God can save you from sin. Only God can heal sickness and disease. Only God can drive out the oppression of the devil. Only God can pick you up and turn you around and set your feet on higher ground!