Richard Roberts

In the hills of Kentucky there was a coal mining town where the houses were built so close together that one family could sit on their front porch and carry on a conversation with the family next door. The families of this town were also no strangers to hard times, since layoffs could occur at the mine at any time.

Bright and early one morning the wives of two laid-off workers who lived alongside each other sat on their porches, each with a large pile of mending. One woman said to the other, “What are you mending?”

“I’m sewing patches on my husband’s pants,” the woman said. “He’s been worrying and fretting so much since he’s been off that he has completely worn out the seat of his pants.”

“It’s interesting you should say that,” the other woman said. “Since my husband has been laid off he’s been out searching for any odd jobs he can find. When he’s home, he spends time down on his knees in prayer! Now, I’m sewing patches on the knees of his pants. But because of his prayers, I believe we’re going to make it!”

Prayer is powerful. James 5:16 says, The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

In one instance, when the disciples were gathered together praying, the building where they were gathered literally shook and there was a mighty move of the Spirit of God (see Acts 4:31). I believe that when we pray, the devil’s world begins to shake and tremble because our prayers are dangerous to his kingdom! Let’s begin to pray without ceasing, as the Bible tells us to do in 1Thessalonians 5:17, and see what miracles God can do.