Richard Roberts

Whenever we find ourselves in a tough situation and look to God for help, we can expect Him to do the extraordinary for us just as He did many times in the Bible. That’s what happened when Joshua got in a tough spot and called upon the Lord for help.

Joshua 10 tells us that the Gibeonites made peace with Israel, and when the Amorites, Gibeon’s enemies, found out about it, they banded together with several other kings for a united attack on the city of Gibeon. The men of Gibeon sent an urgent message to Joshua to come and help them fight. “Don’t be afraid of them,” the Lord said to Joshua, “for they are already defeated (v.8 TLB).

Isn’t that a good word for us today? God is saying to us, “Don’t be afraid of satan’s attacks! He has already been defeated by My Son!”

As Joshua and his men pursued the Amorites, it started to get dark, but Joshua didn’t want to stop the battle until his army had trampled the enemy. He prayed “[Lord,] let the sun stand still…and let the moon stand in its place over the valley!” (v. 12 TLB.)

Although nothing like that had ever happened before, and has never happened since, the sun and the moon did not move one inch until Israel finished defeating the enemy! Verse 14 says that it all happened because of the prayers of one man.

What a powerful picture of the way the Lord fights for us when we call upon Him! God is no respecter of persons. When we pray and believe Him the way Joshua did, the Lord can move in an extraordinary way to help us!