Lindsay RobertsFirst of two parts

I received the greatest revelation from God when He talked to me about being a mighty warrior. He showed me that you cannot be “more than a conqueror” without a battle. Yet many times when we are put in the battle, we think, Oh God, what am I going to do? But sometimes God puts us right in the middle of the battle to grow us up, or to strengthen and toughen us.

Our five-year-old daughter, Chloe, asked if she could become a member of a T-ball team for five-year-olds. I agreed reluctantly to give my permission, but her cousin, Roman, said, “I’ll take care of her. She’ll be just fine.”

The uniform was ordered, but Chloe’s shirt did not come in. She wore boys’ pants and the wrong shirt, but she refused to wear boys’ socks. She thought she looked great!

When we arrived for the game, a little girl on the team immediately went to Chloe and said, “You’re not a real member of this team. You don’t have the right uniform on. You don’t even have the right socks on. You can’t play ball on this team. In fact, you’ll never be able to take that bat and hit that ball. You’ll never be able to do nothin. You’re not on this team.”

I was listening to this whole conversation. Chloe started to hang her head, and I was just about ready to jump over the fence. The little girl came to her one more time and said, “Did you hear what I said? You’re not going to get to play on this ball team. You’re not a member of this team.”

Suddenly, something rose up in my little daughter! She whirled around, pointed her finger, looked the other little girl right in the eyes, and said, “You wanna bet?”

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