Richard Roberts

When I was once in the African nation of Uganda for a crusade, I was asked if I would like to see Lake Victoria, which forms the headwaters of the powerful Nile River. As I stood at the edge of that lake, I was reminded of how important having a source is. To live, you have to have a source, and God is that Source!

I began thinking about that mighty river and what would happen if its source dried up. All throughout the continent of Africa, businesses, industry, farm animals, wildlife, farming, and people would die because life itself flows through that river.

Then I wondered what would happen to us if we had no source? Our lives would also dry up. John 3:27 AMP says, A man can receive nothing [he can claim nothing, he can take unto himself nothing] except as it has been granted to him from heaven. [A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven; there is no other source.] Our Source of life is God.

The power of God flows through your life when you make Him the Source of your life; He is always present. You may not be able to see Him physically, but you can feel His presence. No matter what you’re going through—when it seems that all is lost and there is no answer—God is there. Trust in Him, for no matter if your problems are physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, or relational, He is your Source for every need in your life!

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