Richard Roberts

They say that the most prestigious horse race in the world is the great Kentucky Derby. It’s been called the fastest two minutes in sports. Each year the most highly trained and gifted three-year-olds compete in that race, and thousands of people come from all over the world. It’s truly an exciting event.

The story is told of an old farmer, who once took his six-year-old horse and attempted to enter him in the race. He was told, “We don’t allow six-year-old horses to enter. It’s not possible.”

The farmer said, “We’ve been working and training him hard the past year, and I really want to enter him. I have the money.” They assured him that money was not the issue. However, they made an exception and allowed his horse to race in the Derby.

Everyone laughed and joked about it, and the media had a heyday with it. But when the race began, the horse shot out of the chute like a bolt of lightning. Before long, he had the lead. As they came to the top of the stretch, he was several lengths ahead of the closest horse. By the time he crossed the finish line, to the astonishment of everyone, he had won by six lengths!

As everyone gathered around the horse, they kept saying to the farmer, “This is impossible! A six-year-old horse can’t win against all of these three-year-olds. How is it possible? Where have you been keeping this horse?” He replied, “Well, before we could train him, it took us five years to catch him!”

No matter our age or “natural abilities,” I believe, with God’s help, we can all run the race and expect to win the prize. God has anointed us and appointed us for this hour to do exploits in His Name and for His glory. First Corinthians 9:24 says, Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

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