Richard RobertsSecond of three parts

Several years ago, I accepted an invitation from the President of Uganda to come to his nation for a crusade. When I arrived in Uganda, the Minister of State, the number two man in the country, asked me if I would like to see the source of the Nile River.

We drove some 50 miles from the city of Kampala, where I was preaching, to Lake Victoria. There, I stood by a place where a sign read, “The actual source of the Nile River.” As we stood there, the Minister of State said, “Mr. Roberts, do you know what would happen if this source were cut off?”

I began to think about the tens of millions of people who live along the banks of the Nile River as it flows north from Uganda and empties into the Mediterranean Sea, and how they depend on the river for the water they drink and use daily. I thought of all the fields that are watered by the Nile River, and the hydroelectric plants along the course of the river that provide the people with power. The Minister said, “If this source were cut off, millions of people would lose their lives, and millions more their livelihood.”

God is our Source for ALL of life, not only our physical being, but the Source of everything we know that makes our lives worthwhile. He is the Source of our strength and power. He is the Source of all of our ideas and abilities and talents. He is the Source of all the gifts of the Spirit to us. He is our eternal, omni-potent, all-knowing, Source!

Most of us tend to look to people as our source. We look to them to provide for us… support us… give to us. But people will let you down, even if they don’t mean to. God alone is our Source that never fails and never runs out.

Look beyond people today. Look to God as the only One Who can truly meet all of your needs ― to give you life and a livelihood!

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