Richard RobertsFifth of five parts

The next lesson I want to share with you from the story of the Prodigal Son is this:

You can never be free until you are voluntarily mastered by someone greater than you and that Someone can only be God.

I do not find any examples in the Bible where God set someone free so they could go out and do their own thing. Rather, God sets people free so they can go out and do God’s thing!

Consider Moses. He was the one who God called to go to Pharaoh and then to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage to the Promised Land. Moses led the people out of slavery and into freedom… but it was not a freedom to do their own thing. God gave them the Ten Commandments as they wandered in the wilderness on their way to the land of promise. The Israelites were set free from Pharaoh’s bondage to live according to the requirements of God’s law so that they could experience God’s blessings and promises!

Jesus said, “I have come to set the captives free (Luke 4:18).” Free to do what? NOT to be free for freedom’s sake, but to be free to follow God’s ways in order to be delivered from the domination of the devil and into the promises of God.

Our freedom today is a forgiveness from sin that was purchased for us by Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary through His shed blood. When we believe on Him, we no longer have to live in bondage and the destruction of sin. The freedom Jesus gives us is a freedom to follow after Him, to know Him and serve Him, to live for Him, and to be known and loved by Him as His child.

Are you set on doing your own thing today? I believe that true freedom lies in doing God’s thing ― in obeying Him and trusting Him to free you from sin and to lead you to His “Promised Land” for you.

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