Richard RobertsFourth of five parts

Another message in the story of the Prodigal Son is this:

Freedom is never free at the expense of your conscience.

To some people a clear conscience is merely a poor memory. Many people won’t listen to their conscience. But let me give you a Bible-based definition of conscience. According to 2 Timothy 2:15, which says we can rightly divide the Word of truth, your conscience is the ability of your inner soul to discern right from wrong in spiritual matters. It is that part of your inner man to which the Holy Spirit speaks.

The Prodigal Son knew right from wrong. Deep within, he knew not to dishonor his father. He knew not to run away from home. He knew not to waste his resources; his substance. But he trampled on his conscience and began to try to justify by his mind what his conscience condemned in his spirit.

Are you bogged down in the excuses you have made for why you are doing certain things that you know deep within are wrong? Are you coming up with excuse after excuse for your situation, your circumstance, your sin? True freedom lies in living by your conscience―your inner man―in connection with God, and doing only what your inner may says is right to do!

Listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you today. And when He does, respond and say, “Yes, Sir! I’ll do it.”