Richard RobertsThird of five parts

The story of the Prodigal Son also shows us this great principal:

You are never free from your choices.

Each of us must make choices in life and then live with those choices. There’s no such thing as “not deciding.” In not deciding, we are deciding! The story is told of a Civil War soldier who couldn’t decide which side to fight for, so he put on blue pants and a gray coat. He got shot in the front and the back!

How free, then, is our freedom? Our freedom lies in the fact that we can make choices. The Prodigal Son chose to leave home. Nobody made him do it. He chose to go to a far country: he chose to waste all his substance. The good news is that even in the pigpen, the Prodigal Son could make another choice. And he chose to get up and go home!

If you don’t like the situation you are in today, choose to change things! Get up. Get your faith moving. Get back home to God, your Heavenly Father. Start making some decisions that will get you out of the pigpen and back to total Bible prosperity, where you are well and whole in spirit, mind, body, finances, relationships. . . in every area of your life!

Not only do we have the freedom to make a choice toward God and toward miracles, but we have the freedom to choose how we will feel within our circumstances.

Do you choose to feel angry all the time? Do you enjoy the bitter approach to life? Do you find you are hurting others, even yourself? Today, you can have the freedom to change the way you feel. You can make a choice to feel joy. You can make a choice to believe God, rather than to doubt. Ask God to help you make the choice today that will bring you to Him, to the abundance He has for you and the joy that will be yours as His child.