From the archives of Oral Roberts

In a sense, we are not saved by just one cross, but by two ― Christ’s cross and our own. There is an intimate connection between the two. It is an error to associate the cross with the moving experience of salvation and then think that we can go from there and leave the cross behind. On the contrary, that is when we take up the cross.

Too often we are like Peter, who protested when Jesus began to teach the disciples that the Son of man must suffer many things (Mark 8:31). Jesus’ startling rebuke to Peter is an eye-opener to us. “Not only is this true for Me,” Jesus explained, “but it is true for everyone who follows Me and wants to be My disciple. They must reject their selfish ambitions, give of themselves, and take up their crosses and follow Me” (v. 34 paraphrased).

Every serious Christian must find the shape of the cross for his own life. This is a very important principle for successful Christian living, for it is only as you take up your personal cross that you can acquire the spiritual backbone and stamina to withstand the currents of evil which buffet you daily. If you try to keep your life for yourself, you can lose it. But if you submit yourself and your ambitions to the Lord for His sake and the Gospel’s, you can find true life.

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