Richard Roberts

There’s a saying that change is born on the wings of conflict. And I’m stirred in my spirit today because I believe it’s time for God to help you turn the conflicts in your life into His miraculous changes!

First of all, you can change your thinking about God Himself! He’s not just someone way out there somewhere, but He’s YOUR Heavenly Father. He’s not only with you, but He’s in you, and the Bible says if God is FOR you, who can be against you (see Romans 8:31)!

Second, you can change your thinking about Jesus. Many people think of Jesus as someone who walked the dusty roads of Judea, a great man, a great prophet. But He’s more than that ― He’s the Son of God, the Savior, the Deliverer who sets you free!

Third, you can change your thinking about faith. God has given you all the faith you need (Romans 12:3), and your faith is your divine key … your key to believing … to changing your thinking about God … to releasing your faith and EXPECTING a miracle!

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