Richard Roberts

This man [Jesus] doeth many miracles. – John 11:47

 Some people say, “I don’t believe in miracles.” But they’ll believe when they need one. In fact, when people need a miracle, they will be ready to receive one any place and any time. Here’s a miracle healing testimony from a man who called the Abundant Life Prayer Group …

“I used to be negative when it came to miracles and today as I watched Richard, I said, ‘Well, I will believe in miracles when I see one.’ As I said that, Richard had a word of knowledge that someone’s right shoulder was being healed, and my shoulder was inflamed and in pain. I felt healing from God go through my shoulder, and it was totally healed. I’m a weight lifter and I praise God for this miracle.”

People are hungry for miracles today. Sure, there are some doubters who say, “Miracles are dead.” Friend, I’ll tell you, miracles aren’t dead! Jesus is “the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). When you have a need, remember what God’s Word says: “This man [Jesus] doeth many miracles” ― today!

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