Richard Roberts

Give, and it shall be given unto you. – Luke 6:38

A Partner once wrote and shared this Seed-Faith testimony with me:

“Dear Richard, a few months ago the Lord spoke to me to send you a check for a specific amount. Because we were a little short on cash at the time, I asked the Lord if He was sure about the amount. He was very specific about the amount, so I said, “Okay, Lord, You know best.”

A short while later, my grandfather died and left an inheritance to all of his grandchildren, including me.

For some reason it had not dawned on me yet that this was a return on the seed that I sent to your ministry. One morning in church, our pastor said something about planting seeds, and suddenly it was like a burst of light in my mind!

Since that time we have been able to bless others in different ways financially. I praise God and thank Him that He blesses us so abundantly. I am thankful that I listened to the Lord and was obedient.

When you obey the Lord, you can expect His blessings in return. God is a faithful God and He can bring a harvest on the seeds you sow when you sow in faith.