Lindsay Roberts

The principles of God that are written in His Word are activated when we’re obedient to His Word. One of the most dangerous things we can do is listen to the Gospel according to someone’s wrong opinion and then act on it, move on it, talk about it, and build on it as if it were true.

When you activate the Word of God according to what it says, God promises that He is obligated to watch over His Word to perform it (see Jeremiah 1:12).

God says in Malachi 3:10–11 to bring your tithes and offerings into His storehouse, and He will rebuke the devourer for your sake. Whatever is being devoured—maybe it’s your family, your marriage, your finances, your children—as you sow unto God, He promises to rebuke the devourer and open the windows of heaven to pour you out a blessing where there will not be room enough to receive it!

Verse 12 continues, And all nations shall call you blessed. People will recognize that the hand of God is on you. They will say, “I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re blessed.”

When people see that you’re operating according to the Word of God and that God blesses you and multiplies the seed you sow, they will come to you and ask, “How did you do that?” Your obedience to God’s Word is a great witnessing tool for the kingdom of God.

Sowing seed isn’t a matter of your making God do something. You can’t make God do anything. But when you operate according to His will and sow your seed, it activates the miracle referenced in Malachi. God works with His Word. When we obey His Word, then He makes His Word come to pass in our lives.