From the archives of Oral Roberts

I wish I could say I never get tired of trusting and depending on God alone. But I can’t tell you that. I can tell you though what I say to God.“ God, You have me so bound to You that I truly can only follow one path—Yours. I always come back to Your path, because You are my Source.” Psalm 31:3 says, For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore . . .lead me, and guide me.

A pastor friend of mine told me that one day he was about to cross a busy street in Manhattan when a young woman walked up, led by a seeing eye dog. He realized she was blind, and when the light changed and people began to cross the street, he noticed a truck had stopped at the red light. The driver jumped out and ran over to the girl and asked, “Can I help you across the street?”

She said, “Oh, thank you, but no. You see, I’ve got to trust my seeing eye dog. I have to depend on him. If I depend upon someone else, my seeing eye dog won’t guide me.”

“How can he tell when the light changes from red to green?”

“Well,” the girl said, “you know that dogs can’t tell colors.”

“Then how does he know when to cross the street?” he asked.

She said, “I don’t know, but he knows. He’s never failed me.” She thanked him and he started back to his truck. She turned and said, “I’ve gotten across every street, and I’ll get across this one, thanks to my seeing eye dog that knows how to take care of me.”

Who is your source? Who do you trust to guide and take care of you? Like the girl and her dog, if we depend on someone or something else, then God won’t guide us. We must learn to trust in the Lord as our Source, because God is the only One who truly knows us—and He will never fail us!