‘I’ll Never Dig Another Potato!’

From the archives of Evelyn Roberts

In Oral’s early crusade days, he accepted invitations to visit the homes of church members. Some of them stood in awe of him, but he always broke down the barriers when he raided the refrigerator and asked the lady of the house if she had any beans or cornbread.

We discovered that if the title of “pastor” is attached to your name, there isn’t anything people won’t ask you to do. When Oral pastored churches, I was first in his heart, but the needs of the people always had first call on his services, as evidenced by this story of our gardening days.

I’ve always loved digging in the earth, planting flowers and vegetables, and Oral used to help me when he could find the time. However, he was usually too busy ministering to the people.

The day came when the potatoes I had planted were ready to be dug. I asked Oral to help me, and he said yes. He put on some old clothes, and we started to dig.He had dug only two or three hills of potatoes when he got a call. A church member was at the point of death, and they wanted Oral to come and pray. He changed clothes and left as quickly as he could. He returned home, changed into his old clothes, dug a few more potatoes, and the phone rang again. This time someone needed a ride to the hospital. Oral changed clothes and left again.

Once more he came home, changed clothes, and dug a few more potatoes.Then came the familiar ring summoning him again. I’ll never forget the look on Oral’s face. He threw down the spade and said, “I’ll never dig another potato as long as I live!” I can vouch for the fact that he has kept his promise. He has also kept his promise to leave his time free to be a minister of the Gospel and to take God’s healing power to the nations of the earth.

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