From the archives of Oral RobertsThird of four parts

One morning in the 1950s, while I was out on the crusade trail, preaching and praying for the sick for days and weeks at a time in the great cities of America and around the world, the Lord spoke to me while I was shaving and meditating on Him. He said, “The physical body of My Bride is sick. I am going to make you a John the Baptist of your time, for there remains a healing for the sick of My Bride.”

I didn’t understand the full meaning of those words, but I received them with my faith. Shortly after that, I was holding a meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. Thousands were present, and as I was praying for those in the healing line, I kept feeling the Holy Spirit touch me. It was as if there was a bursting forth of even more of the Holy Spirit’s power within my being. Suddenly, the Spirit entered me with such force that I yelled to the top of my voice. I didn’t say any particular words — the feeling was just so strong that I had to shout!

Without a word from anybody, that entire crowd stood up as one person. People began to fill the aisles and move forward. Sick people leaped out of their wheelchairs, others threw crutches away. Later, someone who had timed the event told me that for twelve minutes, that crowd experienced a “mass miracle.” The Holy Spirit rolled over the people as if in waves — wave after wave after wave. It was a powerful, awesome, divine moment — a bursting forth of the Holy Spirit’s power on this earth such as I’ve never seen before or since.

After that meeting was over, God whispered in my heart, “I’ve given you a little preview. The day is coming when I’m going to heal whole audiences at one time.” I’m still waiting to see that time. Each and every time I speak, I’m praying and expecting, “O Lord, let it be today!”

Friend, I believe with all my heart that a new bursting forth of the Holy Spirit’s power is going to come upon God’s people — with a power and authority that the Church has not experienced since the Day of Pentecost. Get ready for it. Look for it!