From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of four parts

I remember the feeling I had in my body when it was filled with tuberculosis, and then the feeling that came when a man of God prayed a powerful anointed prayer for my healing. A burst of healing energy began to fill my being — coming up through my feet and legs into my lungs that were bleeding to death, out over my stuttering tongue, and up through my head. One moment I could hardly breathe and could not talk without stuttering. The next moment I could take deep breaths all the way to the bottom of my lungs, and I could talk about what had happened to me without any problem in my speech.

This sudden burst of healing energy was the beginning of a healing process in my body that took nearly 4 years for completion. I had been inactive for so long with tuberculosis, and had lost so much weight in the months I was bedridden, that it took awhile for me to regain my full strength.

I’ve discovered through the years, as I have laid my hands on more than one-and-a-half million people and prayed for their healing, that very often a burst of healing energy is followed by a healing process. Don’t be discouraged if someone prays for you and you don’t receive your full healing in that moment. Take it by your faith that you have received something and that what you have received will continue to work and grow in your body expecting God to make you whole.

A bursting forth begins a harvest. It begins a healing. It may be an almost imperceptible burst, and yet, I believe the healing is there. Look for it!