From the archives of Oral Roberts

Genesis tells the story of Abram and Sarai. God came to Abram and said, “You’re going to have a son.” Abram asked, “How can this be? Look at my age! Look at my wife’s age! She is beyond the years of child producing, and she is barren!”

This seemed impossible! I can almost hear Sarai saying, “If God is going to give me a sign, it is going to have to be through someone else. Maybe you should go in to my handmaiden, Hagar.”

Abram agreed that should be done. He produced Ishmael, and “Ishmaels” are awfully hard to get rid of. An “Ishmael” can be anything in your life you have gotten into in the flesh.

God didn’t speak to Abram for 13 years. He finally dealt with him and changed his name. “No longer will you be called Abram, but you will be called Abraham. No longer will your wife be called Sarai, but she will be called Sarah. You will have a son. He will be supernatural because you are beyond your child birthing years.” (Abraham was now 100 years old and Sarah 90.) Everyone knows that it is impossible to conceive at those ages, but God specializes in taking impossibilities and turning them into possibilities.

Throughout the Bible, God has a number of different names. One is Elohim, which is indicative of the Supreme Being. This is the God who created everything, who created heaven and earth. He created nature, and He upholds and preserves all of the natural laws of the universe.

This is the God who scooped out the beds of the ocean and flung the stars from His fingertips. He piled up the mountains, dug deep gorges, and traced the rivers with his fingernails. This is the God who made man and said, “It is good!”

And this is the same God who can say the same thing — “It is good” — about your life! Release your faith and let Him turn your impossibilities into possibilities.